Saturday, September 6, 2014

UK continues to lead global offshore wind development

The United Kingdom leads the world in offshore wind energy development. In 2013, UK offshore wind energy sector increased yet again, and it is estimated that UK now covers 52% of global offshore wind energy market.

In the last seven years, from 2006-2013 offshore wind power installed capacity increased by 42%. The most recent estimates suggest another growth of 16% by 2020.

The value of UK offshore wind energy market is rapidly growing. The current investments of around £2 billion is set to increase to £5 billion in 2020.

Offshore wind technologies are becoming more and more proven though costs are still twice the amount of their onshore counterparts.

Siemens is the UK's market’s leader for global offshore wind turbine cumulative installations, by being practically responsible for almost all new country's installations in 2013.

Wind energy is one of the top energy sources in United Kingdom, accounting for approximately 22% of total UK's electricity in August 2013. If everything goes according to a plan, offshore wind energy could become major renewable energy source that would be of great help in achieving UK's renewable energy targets.