Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why is using wind energy positive for environment?

The main reason why using wind energy is positive for environment is the fact that the more wind energy we use the less fossil fuels we need. Fossil fuels (which include oil, coal, and natural gas,) though currently being dominant energy sources, are very dirty fuels that do not only create air pollution but more importantly are directly responsible for the strengthening of climate change impact.

This because the burning of fossil fuels releases harmful greenhouse gas emissions that once emitted end up in the atmosphere where they are increasing Earth's greenhouse effect leading to global increase in temperature and other changes in climate. Unlike fossil fuels wind energy does not contribute to increase of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere and therefore does not contribute to climate change. It also does not releases harmful pollutants that cause air pollution.

Does this mean that wind energy is the perfect energy source when being looked at it from the environmental point of view? The answer is no because there is no such thing as perfect energy source, regardless from which perspective you are looking at it.

So how can we then determine whether certain energy source is environmentally friendly or not? The best thing to do is to compare it with traditional fossil fuels and then measure the amount of negative environmental effects in order to conclude which energy source is better for environment.

Wind turbines have indeed led to deaths of thousands of birds and baths but this is nothing compared to millions of animals that will disappear if climate change grows in strength in years to come (and this will no doubt happen if we'll continue to satisfy our energy demand from fossil fuels). Furthermore, many new wind energy projects are equipped with radars in order to spot birds when approaching so this issue definitely looks to have a potentially easy solution.

Noise pollution coming from large wind turbines could lead to some sort of environmental damage and many wind energy opponents also claim that large wind farms have negative visual impact in given environment because it is not easy to integrate them with every landscape. But what is the alternative to this? More coal power plants? Thank you very much but I would much rather look at wind turbines instead, regardless of potential visual pollution.