Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wind energy technician – Salary and job description

The popularity of wind energy continues to grow at global scale, and according to most recent estimates wind energy industry employs around one million people worldwide. This number will likely significantly grow in couple of years time, particularly because offshore wind energy sector has just started developing and is set to achieve staggering growth rates in years to come.

The large number of available wind energy training courses offers technical training for an entry-level career as a wind energy technician and because of the rapid growth in the wind power industry there is currently a shortage of trained and qualified wind energy technicians.

Wind energy technician's job is to provide maintenance on the turbines so he/she must know how to assemble, maintain, and repair wind turbines. That is the basic description of what a wind energy technician needs to know. It also has to be said that wind energy technicians usually work in small teams in order to regularly service few wind turbines per day.

Wind energy technicians preparing to install large wind turbine.

Having developed mechanical skills makes it lot easier to become wind energy technician. The person that chooses this profession must also not have the fear of heights because part of his/her job also includes scaling wind towers, and he/she also has to be a very good climber. People with advanced knowledge of electrical and electronic equipment as well as repair experience usually make the best wind energy technicians.

Wind energy technician training program includes absorbing the knowledge about the electrical power generation industry, safety, mechanics, hydraulic and electrical systems, etc, basically an in-depth knowledge of wind turbines and electrical equipment, electronics and hydraulics.

The salary for wind energy technicians varies with company, location, industry, experience and benefits. Rookie wind energy technician should have annual salary of $30,000-$35,000 while highly experienced wind energy technicians could demand annual salary larger than $60,000. Many U.S. states, such as California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, lack qualified and experienced wind energy technicians.

Becoming a wind turbine technician is an excellent career opportunity for men and women that offer not only respectable salary but also very interesting everyday job, especially as wind power technologies are constantly developing meaning you'll have to constantly adapt your knowledge to these new technologies.